Deimos, the Third Book in the Cupid's Captive Series, Is Live!

Deimos is now available in ebook and will soon be in paperback. If you love Greek mythology, Beauty and the Beast, and steamy romance, then you are the perfect reader for the Cupid's Captive Series.

First it was a magnificent castle on the outskirts of Mount Olympus. Then it was a primitive shack on a west Texas ranch. Now, Ellie hides with Deimos and Hecate from Zeus and his loyalists in the enchanted cave of the moon goddess, Selene. However, when Hecate reveals her vision of Ellie's unborn twins, Ellie is spurred into action. She'll do whatever it takes to save her fledgling family and its rightful place in the pantheon.

To celebrate the release of Deimos, the first book, Eros, is free in ebook for a limited time.

Reviews for Eros:

"Eva has taken a thrilling turn in the start of her new adult series. Eros is full of romance and heartbreak, many twists have been added to give us a new viewpoint from the Greek gods we knew from her previous series. Love how she had two gods fall in love with one mortal girl and would do anything to keep her safe from their mother and the wrath of Olympus."--Christine Hadley

"Eva spins wonderful tales that entrance not just young adults but adults as well. Captivating stories that emerge the readers into a world where the Greek Gods still rule and even roam among the humans. Love every story Eva writes. Eros was no different."--Alishia Best

Reviews for Phobos:

"Intricately detailed, with so much heart gah! This storyline keeps sucking me in. I am fully invested now- more than ever! Oh my gods and goddess! I am loving this take on greek mythology. Zeus needs a kick in the pants! Such a butt! I truly can see everything so detailed through Eva's words. What an ending. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see what is going to happen. I hope we don't have to wait long."--Southernmermaid85

"I just love the characters and how much the author pulls me into their story. This book picks up after book one and has tensions high and drama and twists aplenty. This is such a well written series and I can’t recommend it enough. I can’t wait to find out what happens after that ending!"--Kanyonmk

To grab Eros, click here.

To purchase Deimos, click here.

I can't wait to hear what my readers think about this series! So far, the reviews have been awesome!

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