Deimos Is Available for Preorder

Deimos, the third and final book in Cupid's Captive Series, is avilable for preorder. It releases on Valentine's Day. Here's the blurb:

First it was a magnificent castle on the outskirts of Mount Olympus. Then it was a primitive shack on a west Texas ranch. Now, Ellie hides with Deimos and Hecate from Zeus and his loyalists in the enchanted cave of the moon goddess, Selene. However, when Hecate reveals her vision of Ellie's unborn twins, Ellie is spurred into action. She'll do whatever it takes to save her fledgling family and its rightful place in the pantheon.

Deimos can be preordered in ebook at these vendors:

Apple Books


Barnes and Noble


Google Play

It will soon be available at Google Play. The first two ebooks, Eros and Phobos, are currently enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program at Amazon and won't be available at the other vendors until January 25th. If you're new to the series and would like to get started, go here to learn more.

Happy Reading!

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