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Calling All Bloggers

Updated: Apr 8

Please sign up between now and May 10th to participate in Eva Pohler's Release Blitz!

Pirate Academy is the second book in her young adult paranormal series based on Greek mythology and vampire lore. It releases on May 23rd.

All participating bloggers will be entered into an exclusive $100 Amazon gift card giveaway--for bloggers only. (This is not a giveaway for your readers, but for YOU.)

To be eligible to win, your release blitz must be posted by May 23rd.

The graphics and posts will be emailed to you on May 15th, so you have plenty of time to schedule your post.

If you would like an ARC so that you can include a review with your release blitz, you can sign up to be on the ARC team by May 5th here: https://forms.gle/pRzb9WSP9NK4M4t56.

To sign up for the release blitz, please go here: https://forms.gle/5LVmcEZ6S8cQ9UQk8.

This is what readers have said about the first book:

"Vampires and Greek Mythology combined in one fabulous adventure!"--Brie Strauss, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"I absolutely cannot wait for more Adventures. I tried not to read so fast but honestly I couldn't be patient. This book blew me away and I honestly just need more."--Southernmermaid85, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"Must read!! Anything this author writes is amazing to read. It's what got me into loving anything about the greek gods! And her vampire series is so interesting as well! This book combines both and draws you in!!"--Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"Everything I've come to love and expect from Eva's book, was to be found in this latest episode, constant drama, intrigue and adventure, not forgetting the romance. Can't wait for more!"--Traceyann, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"I really liked the new characters that were introduced in this book. The story was interesting and had a lot of twists and turns."--Kathy E, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

"It's a story with lots of thrill and enthusiasm, drama and mystery. The mixing of Gods and Vampires is really fantastic and something different. ⚡Eva Pohler has written many vampire and mystical god series. Her work is always different and the storyline keeps on changing from one book to another. I like to read her work as the language is quite simple and interesting. She is now one of my favourite story writers." ★★★★★ --Shiny Jane, Goodreads Reviewer

"Eva knows how to write a good story. I couldn't read this fast enough." ★★★★★ --Terra, Goodreads Reviewer

"☕What an amazing story it is, this is the first book in the series and it definitely took me by storm because of the unique concept and theme. The story is a perfect blend of fantasy with action and thrill. Eva is definitely a master storyteller who doesn't let her readers down no matter what." ★★★★ --Rutuja Ramteke, Amazon Reviewer

"Love it! Amazing read as always. Very well written. Can't wait for the next one." ★★★★★ --Tonya Edmonds, Goodreads Reviewer

Thank you!

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