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When a group of survivors make shelter in Singapore's abandoned—and rumored haunted—Changi Hospital, they discover the horrors of the present bear a striking resemblance to the ghosts of the past.

When a covert government project known only as Project Archangel is released into the overpopulated city of Singapore, the death toll is astounding. Few survivors find refuge in the abandoned Changi Hospital, and while many suffer severe side effects of the unknown contaminant, the rest attempt something even more precarious: survival. They are able to make some sense of order within the confines of the ruined hospital, and for a moment, there is hope—until Shadow Ops hunt them down.

When Shadow Ops discover the survivors hiding in Changi Hospital, they do not raid the place. Instead, they block off all exits and turn Changi Hospital into a Black Site. Now prisoners, the Archangel survivors are used as human experiments for a new attack—Operation Black Mariah.

The lives of the survivors hang in the balance, trapped inside their human experiment lab, as their only hope lies in making contact with a rumored global citizen movement only known as "Crow."

All over the world, from small rural towns to big cities, from Alaska to South Africa, something is happening. Though events differ from place to place, all point to the same chilling outcome: the implementation of a New World Order by the global elite. Their goal—to centralize the world’s power and wealth into their own hands, and to control humanity. But first they need to cull the human population to sustainable levels, and their plans have begun. Wave One of Operation Black Mariah has begun.

Welcome to the world of Marie D. Jones Presents Black Mariah, a harrowing near-future ripped from today’s headlines that dares to look at what might come next. This is a world of conspiracies and cover-ups, of lies and deception, of chaos and confusion, and of small groups of people who realize the only way to survive is to harness the power of the human spirit. To defy and persist. In the wake of the quest for survival, a revolution called “Defiance” is born.

This is a stand-alone story in the Black Mariah Shared World, a collaborative effort by authors from all across the globe whose characters react and respond to the same events, but in their own unique ways. Each story takes the reader on a journey of one of these characters, allowing for multiple perspectives to unfold. The only thing these characters have in common is that they survived Wave One. But will they survive what’s to come?


Pearry Teo is a Singaporean born director / producer who made history as the first of his native country to direct a Hollywood feature film, with 2007's sci-fi thriller The Gene Generation, starring Bai Ling and Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway. Teo's films combine uniquely sinister visuals with engaging, action driven story lines that have been met with wide acclaim from horror audiences. Teo's unique stylistic sensibility characterizes the dark fantasy world of his films, ranging from a twisted remaining of the Land of Oz to cyberpunk dystopia.

Following the release of The Gene Generation, Teo wrote and directed the horror film Necromentia in 2009. In 2010, Teo was on location in China to direct NBC/Universal's fantasy project, Witchville, starring Luke Goss for the SyFy network. In 2011, he returned to the horror genre with Dead Inside, his most recent feature release.

Teo has recently returned from Romania after wrapping his latest project, Dracula: The Dark Prince, starring Academy Award winner Jon Voight, due later in 2013. Teo has entered pre- production on The Return of Captain Nemo, a steampunk adventure inspired by Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, to star David Morrissey and Hayley Atwell. Additionally, he has signed on to direct the future reboot of Tekken based on the video game series of the same name.

Outside of directing, Teo has served as an executive producer with Ascension Pictures for the Wachowski Siblings' Cloud Atlas, starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. Additionally, Teo is also slated to executive produce with Red Sea Media for four features under the Pearry Teo Presents label. He also serves as co-partner and founder of Teo Ward Productions, his development and transmedia content creation company.

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