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For years, the people in Victoria West, South Africa, had prayed for rain, but when it finally came, hell followed.

Eleven-year-old Protea Meyer can barely remember a time before pandemic regulations became part of everyday life. Even in a small town like Victoria West, in the most sparsely populated province in South Africa, the new laws are, at best, draconian. Combined with the long, devastating drought, the continued hardship folks are facing, and the government’s reluctance to assist the struggling communities of the Northern Cape, the future already looks dire.

But when a storm erupts without warning, Protea watches on helplessly as a vast majority of Victoria West’s residents are killed by the rain. Stuck in a communications blackout, shocked, and confused, Protea and café owner, Simon Stander happen upon the mysterious, old librarian, Auntie Martha, who knows far more about what’s happening, thanks to someone called Crow.

All over the world, from small rural towns to big cities, from Alaska to South Africa, something is happening. Though events differ from place to place, all point to the same chilling outcome: the implementation of a New World Order by the global elite. Their goal—to centralize the world’s power and wealth into their own hands, and to control humanity. But first they need to cull the human population to sustainable levels, and their plans have begun. Wave One of Operation Black Mariah has begun.

Welcome to the world of Marie D. Jones Presents Black Mariah, a harrowing near-future ripped from today’s headlines that dares to look at what might come next. This is a world of conspiracies and cover-ups, of lies and deception, of chaos and confusion, and of small groups of people who realize the only way to survive is to harness the power of the human spirit. To defy and persist. In the wake of the quest for survival, a revolution called “Defiance” is born.

This is a stand-alone story in the Black Mariah Shared World, a collaborative effort by authors from all across the globe whose characters react and respond to the same events, but in their own unique ways. Each story takes the reader on a journey of one of these characters, allowing for multiple perspectives to unfold. The only thing these characters have in common is that they survived Wave One. But will they survive what’s to come?


Monique Snyman’s mind is a confusing bedlam of glitter and death, where candy-coated gore is found in abundance and homicidal unicorns thrive. Sorting out the mess in her head is particularly irksome before she’s ingested a specific amount of coffee, which is equal to half the recommended intake of water for humans per day. When she’s not playing referee to her imaginary friends or trying to overdose on caffeine, she’s doing something with words—be it writing, reading, or editing.

Monique Snyman lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her husband, daughter, and an adorable Chihuahua. She’s the author of the Bram Stoker Award® nominated novels, THE NIGHT WEAVER and THE BONE CARVER, and the upcoming South African horror series, DARK COUNTRY.

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