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When a member of a private research team deep in the Nicaraguan jungle succumbs to an unknown contaminant, the team is desperate to find help in the razed villages along the El Desaguadero River.

After a team member succumbs to a fatal respiratory infection, Chris Rake is forced to sail his research team upriver through dense Nicaraguan jungle in search of help. Instead of medicine, they find a deserted village still-smoldering from the fire of a mass grave and one survivor: a young blind girl too in shock to explain what’s happened to her people. Down one man and with a vessel unfit for sailing, the team sets out on foot with the girl in tow. A plane crash in the middle of the night sends Chris and his team to investigate another horrific scene where again they find only one survivor—a Nicaraguan woman named Maria.

When a survivor of the blind girl’s village is the next to perish, Chris’s suspicions demand answers. But when Donovan confronts Nadia and demands to know who she is and what she knows, Maria has a question of her own: who is he, and what was he doing so deep in the Nicaraguan jungle?

All over the world, from small rural towns to big cities, from Alaska to South Africa, something is happening. Though events differ from place to place, all point to the same chilling outcome: the implementation of a New World Order by the global elite. Their goal—to centralize the world’s power and wealth into their own hands, and to control humanity. But first they need to cull the human population to sustainable levels, and their plans have begun. Wave One of Operation Black Mariah has begun.

Welcome to the world of Marie D. Jones Presents Black Mariah, a harrowing near-future ripped from today’s headlines that dares to look at what might come next. This is a world of conspiracies and cover-ups, of lies and deception, of chaos and confusion, and of small groups of people who realize the only way to survive is to harness the power of the human spirit. To defy and persist. In the wake of the quest for survival, a revolution called “Defiance” is born.

This is a stand-alone story in the Black Mariah Shared World, a collaborative effort by authors from all across the globe whose characters react and respond to the same events, but in their own unique ways. Each story takes the reader on a journey of one of these characters, allowing for multiple perspectives to unfold. The only thing these characters have in common is that they survived Wave One. But will they survive what’s to come?


Burke Bryant was born in Everett, Washington. His creative career began as an actor working alongside talent including John Cleese, Emily Mortimer, Alford Molina, Christopher Walken, and William H. Macy. His desire to write came from his late girlfriend, bestselling author Jennifer Jaynes. After losing Jennifer to suicide in 2019, Bryant wrote his first book The Killing Kind, a prequel to Jennifer's award-winning series the Strangers Series.

Bryant continues to honor Jennifer's legacy by keeping her series alive while also working on his own projects, including an upcoming installment in M.D. Jones' Black Mariah Shared Universe at Black Spot Books and a number of forthcoming novels and screenplays. When not writing, Bryant runs Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project (HARP), a humanitarian organization that delivers critical aid into areas experiencing war, ethnic cleansing, conflict, and disaster.

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