Beautiful Library Ideas

As a book lover, I enjoy getting inspiration from beautiful libraries. Although I recently purged my house of most of my tattered paperbacks, I kept the ones that were in good shape, and, of course, I kept all the hardbacks.

To me, books are art objects. They aren't meant only to be read; they're meant to be viewed as artistic objects in and of themselves. An arrangement of books easily becomes an art installation.

The installation is made more beautful by the artful placement of non-book objects among the books, as in the photo above with the mounted bell and the black statue.

A collection of books can also work as an artful backdrop to a bold piece, such as this beautiful bust.

I really love this idea of using books on a wall that doesn't have windows. The bookshelf can be built into the drywall into the shape of a window. I love the metaphor of books being a window to the world.

My parents have a window in an internal wall, from when they added on. This is something they and others with interior windows could do with that space--turn it into a library window.

I like the idea of using a bookcase as an archetectural detail. My dreamhouse plans have something like this in the foyer--a bookcase that creates a separation between the foyer and the great room without being as obtrusive as a solid wall. Then, as soon as you walk in the front door, you're greeted by all your friends.

A room is instantly transformed into something more sophisticated by a wall of books. Add a modern lamp and chair and voila!

When you add a reading nook, such as this hammock or the chair behind it, you're invited to interact with the art installation, essentially becoming part of it. It's both beautiful and utilitarian.

Now I really want an indoor hammock!

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