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Audiobooks in Production

According to publishing industry sources, audiobooks will continue to rise in demand and market share. In response to that, I'm working with producers to get the rest of my catalogue available in audiobook. I have three different narrators currently working with me to make this happen.

Eros: Cupid's Captive Series, Book One is being produced by narrator Bri' Johnson, who has a lovely, lyrical voice that I find mesmerizing. Such a voice is just right for this steamy paranormal romance.

For The Mystery Man: The Nightmare Collection, I chose producer Kodi Richardson, who captures the essence of the main character perfectly with her tonal voice. She's also comfortable with the mysterious physics professor's technical verbiage.

The producer for The Marcella II: Vampires and Gods, Book One is Jaelanne Gilliam. This book has such a huge cast of characters, so I was super pleased with the versatility of Jaelanne's narration.

These audiobooks are expected to release sometime this year. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Soon The Shade of Santa Fe will also be in production with my long-time producer Debbie Andreen. Debbie has narrated the bulk of my audiobooks and has been praised in numerous reviews for her ability to bring the characters to life.

If you're an audiobook fan, please visit this page to see which of my books are already available in that platform.


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