Welcome to day two of my Six-Day Challenge for Book Lovers.

Today, we will continue what we started but with organization in mind. By that, I mean I'd like you to take a look at where things go. Do you keep items close to where you use them? Are they organized into "zones" that make sense? Are the things you use often the easiest things to get to, and the things you use less frequently in the harder-to-get-to places?

If you find that your current system doesn't make sense (or isn't a system at all), take the day to reorganize.

But first, attack three more cluttered areas with the same method we used yesterday. If you have the time and the energy, you're welcome to work on as many areas as you'd like, but please keep the overall orgainzation plan a priority. BY creating a system that makes sense, you'll be more likely to keep everything in its place.

And that's really the key: every single thing in your home needs a place, and after every use, the thing needs to be returned to its rightful place as soon as possible. So, when you come home and take off your shoes, put them in their rightful place. When you change clothes, put them in their rightful place, when you use a tool to fix something, put the tool bacm in its rightful place immediately after use. If you take the extra minute right then and there to return the item to its rightful place immediately after use, your house will never be cluttered again.

Unless you live alone, you will need to convince other people in your househould to respect your system.  Tell them it's for your mental health. You need everything put back into its place, so that you will never again drown in the clutter.


1. Use the back of a pantry, closet, or laundry room door.

2. Hang baskets in nooks and crannies.

3. Use hooks where you can.

4. Baskets and bins make everything neater.


1. Declutter three more areas (or more) using the same method as yesterday.

2. Think about organizational zones, and move items, if needed, so that everything has a place that makes sense.

3. Post to the group about your accomplishments.

4. Comment with words of support on other people's posts in the group.

If you'd like more ideas on organizational hacks, check out this book by Carrie Higgins: Organization Hacks: Over 350 Simple Solutions to Organize Your Home in No Time!

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