Welcome to day four of my Six-Day Challenge for Book Lovers. Today, we're going to focus on planning for the body--mostly on meal planning and exercise.

Whether or not you're joining me with low-carb dieting, planning your meals ahead of time will encourage healthier eating. Each Sunday, plan out your meals for the week and create a grocery list. Then get yourself to the store and buy only the items on your list.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Steak, broiled Brussel's sprouts, and salad

2. Rosemary chicken, zucchini, and salad

3. Beef fajitas, queso, bell pepper slices

4. Zucchini lasagna and Caesar salad

5. Beef Broccoli

6. Low-carb pizzas

7. Bunless chili cheese dogs and cucumber salad

Also plan to drink more water and consider taking vitamins, if you don't already. 

As to exercise, if you don't already have a regimen in place, push yourself to take a twenty-minute walk today. If you can walk longer, do. Listening to an audiobook can make the time fly by.


1. Plan one week's worth of healthy meals

2. Create a grocery list and go shopping

3. Buy vitamins, if you don't already take them

4. Take a twenty-minute walk

5. Post about your accomplishments in the group

6. Comment with words of support and encouragement on other people's posts

If you want to give Audible a try, you can sign up and get one of my audiobooks for free here for US and here for UK.

If you'd like a month's worth of low-carb meals, along with the recipes, you can get my book, Eva Pohler's Low-Carb Diet Hacks, for 99 cents.

Here are some vitamins that I highly recommend:

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