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BLACK MARIAH is a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller told in episodic form about a series of global attacks that spawn a worldwide underground revolution of citizens who band together to stop the coming New World Order in the vein of V FOR VENDETTA meets THE STAND.

The series is created by featured contributor to the History Channel’s Nostradamus Effect and Ancient Aliens, Marie D. Jones and includes contributions from Executive Producer of Cloud Atlas, Pearry Teo, Rutgers University professor Lindy Ryan, Founder of HARP (Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project) Burke Bryant, USA Today bestselling authors Eva Pohler and Dorothy Dreyer, Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author Mercedes M. Yardley, Bram Stoker Award Nominee, Monique Snyman, and Dragon Award Nominee, Julieanne Lynch.

Season One, Episode One

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases July 9, 2021

Planes come the day Jolene Riley decides to end her life, checkerboarding the sky with deadly white trails, and the fight for survival begins.

Learn more about Marie D. Jones here.

Season One, Episode Two

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases July 23, 2021


When a member of a private research team deep in the Nicaraguan jungle succumbs to an unknown contaminant, the team is desperate to find help in the razed villages along the El Desaguadero River.

Learn more about Burke Bryant here.

Season One, Episode Three

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases August 6, 2021

After her wife’s death, Rachel Mason wants to grieve in peace. But when the place she’s sought for sanctuary becomes another site in a series of strange events sweeping the nation, she’ll have to brave the Alaskan wilderness to survive.

Learn more about Lindy Ryan here.

Season One, Episode Four

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases August 20, 2021

As Marianne Turner tends to her garden in a suburb of San Antonio, Texas, she doesn’t notice the planes and the feathery white mist they leave behind, until her dog, Mo, collapses--the first of many more heartbreaks ahead.

Learn more about Eva Pohler here.

Season One, Episode Five

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases September 3, 2021

Zora Lehmbeck lost her husband in the biggest mass shooting in American history--that massacre was a drop in the bucket compared to the horrors of Black Mariah.

Learn more about Mercedes M. Yardley here.

Season One, Episode Six

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases September 17, 2021

Fia Hamill, wife, victim, prisoner--survivor. Cut off from her once loving family, Fia has been devising a plan to leave her abusive police officer husband. Then the planes come, and along with them, a deadly mist.

Learn more about Julieanne Lynch here.

Season One, Episode Seven

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases October 1, 2021

When low-flying planes shower Lina Schuster’s hometown of Hanau, Germany, with a strange, white mist, she has no choice but to believe her conspiracy-minded friend Sofie’s theories of a Great Reset.

Learn more about Dorothy Dreyer here.

Season One, Episode Eight

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases October 15, 2021

For years, the people in Victoria West, South Africa, had prayed for rain, but when it finally came, hell followed.

Learn more about Monique Snyman here.

Season One, Episode Nine

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases October 29, 2021

When a group of survivors make shelter in Singapore's abandoned—and rumored haunted—Changi Hospital, they discover the horrors of the present bear a striking resemblance to the ghosts of the past.

Learn more about Pearry Teo here.

Season One, Episode Ten

Ebook Preorder USD $3.99

Releases November 12, 2021

When the planes arrive in Jasper, Indiana, Wil Akins is ready—he knew this was coming. Now he must find a way to lead others to safety and tell them what he knows.

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