My Top Fifteen Favorite Booktubers

The booktubing community deserves huge props for its growing contribution to reading and literacy among young people. Something once done in relative solitude, reading has become more of a social experience than ever before, thanks primarily to booktube.

With that in mind, I'd like to share my top fifteen favorite booktubers with you and tell you why I like them. These are in no particular order.

Booktuber Benjamin of Tomes

I said these would be in no particular order, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that Ben is my favorite. He always brings pizazz and flare to each video. He's a natural in front of the camera and can easily make us laugh with a simple facial expression. I also love the way he supports indie authors, and though he's honest, he spends most of his time building books up instead of tearing them down. Here's one of my favorite of his vids, in which he dies his hair silver for a book:

Booktuber Francina Simone

Francina is one of the more intellectual and articulate of the booktubers. As a retired academic, I enjoy listening to her rants. She does an excellent job of contributing to the some of the controversial discourse in the book community. I especially enjoyed this video about race and Carve the Mark:

Booktuber Casey Ann Books

Casey Ann is an amazing personality who puts so much character into each video--literally, like in the one below, in which she dresses as Wednesday from The Addams Family:

Booktuber Regan of Peruse Project

This next booktuber is adorable and funny and unafraid to speak her mind. My favorite video of hers is the one below, in which she discusses five YA tropes she dislikes the most and why:

Booktuber Sasha of Booktopia

Sasha is a great combination of sweet and sarcastic. Very natural and without any airs, she feels like a friend you've known forever. This makes me trust her opinions and value them. It's hard to choose a favorite, but here's one below:

Booktuber Charlie Book Fanatic

She isn't one of the more famous booktubers, but, in my opinion, she should be. She has loads of charisma and is interesting to watch. She also edits well. There's not a lot of waste in her videos. Here's one of my favorites from her channel:

Booktuber Carol of The Reading Wallflower

Carol of The Reading Wallflower always packs a lot if interesting content in each of her videos. Plus, she makes you feel like you're in the room with her, having a conversation. One of my favorites of her videos is the one below, in which she reveals her favorite book friendships.

Booktuber Cece from Problems of a Book Nerd

I love Cece's spunk and personality, but it's her ability to articulate a lot of information in a short period of time and in a way that's totally interesting that brings me back to her videos time and time again. She covers a lot of ground in the video below, but I'm hooked until the end.

Booktuber Sarah Sunbeemz

Sarah is another big personality, and I love how she often creates some really wild and out there videos, like the one below in which she basically makes fun of herself and other booktubers like her. I love that!

Booktuber Chami of Read Like Wildfire

I just love Chami. She's so adorable and very natural in front of the camera. Her big personality flows effortlessly, it seems. I also appreciate how she can be critical but it still doesn't feel like she's totally trashing a book, especially in the video below:

Booktuber Christine of Poland Bananas Books

Talk about entertaining! This booktuber will keep you laughing during her entire segment, which can sometimes be long but is always worth it. In the example below, she plays a game called Name that Book Character with Katytastic:

Booktuber Natasha of Tashapolis

Natasha is a treat to watch because she always looks like she's having so much fun. You can't help but have fun right along with her, especially in my favorite video of hers below, where she and a friend play The First Sentence Challenge:

Booktuber Grace of Loving Dem Books

Grace's love for books and her enthusiasm for the book community comes through in each of her videos. One of my favorites from her is the one below. It was both funny and sad at the same time.

Booktuber Tammy of Mrs. Night Read

Tammy is cute and quite entertaining, and her editing makes for very appealing videos. I especially enjoyed this video, in which she plays the Kill, Kiss, and Marry Game, Book Edition.

Booktuber Emma of Emmma Books

What I love about Emma is how helpful she is. She's very generous with tips for other booktubers, reviewers, and readers. My favorite video of hers has actually helped me to better incorporate more reading into my life.

There are many more booktubers out there that I haven't yet discovered, so if your favorite wasn't on my list, there's a good chance that I just haven't found him or her yet. I'd love it if you told me in the comments who your favorites are.