The Purgatorium Series


Purgatorium Book One_300dpiThe Purgatorium: Book One

Seventeen year-old Daphne Janus is surprised when her parents let her go with her friend to a getaway resort on an island off the coast of California. They haven’t let her out of their sight since last New Year’s Eve, when she could no longer stand the way they looked at her.

Her sister would still be alive if it weren’t for Daphne.

Her friend, Cam, takes her to a mostly uninhabited island with a wildlife preserve on one side and Chumash Indian ruins on the “haunted” side. Daphne decides she will have one last “hurrah” before she finishes what she started last New Year’s Eve. However, things seldom go as planned…

The resort is beautiful, the beach pristine, and the views from the headland amazing. The only thing missing is the boyfriend who left her when she could no longer love anyone. Then strange things begin to happen on the island that soon have Daphne running for her life. She eventually learns that her parents have sent her for experimental “suicide therapy,” but when her horse bucks her off during a trail ride and she becomes lost on the haunted side of the island, she wonders if her parents have sent her there to help her or to punish her.

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Purgatorium Book two 300 dpiGray’s Domain: Purgatorium Two

After enduring Dr. Hortense Gray’s experimental therapy on an island off the coast of California at a compound known as The Purgatorium, seventeen-year-old Daphne is delighted to learn she will now have a chance to have revenge on her parents and boyfriend by participating in their therapy. It’s payback time, and Daphne can’t wait to begin. Dr. Gray defends her dubious methods by claiming that all treatments come with risks, but when real bullets fly and lives are at stake, Daphne decides she wants no part of it and hatches a plan to save her family.

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Purgatorium Book 3 300 dpiThe Calibans: Purgatorium Three

In this final book of The Purgatorium Series, The Calibans, Daphne returns to the island to save her best friend, Cam, and the other “Calibans” who’ve been brainwashed by Dr. Gray; but, once again, things aren’t what they seem. Daphne’s entire world comes crashing down along with the Purgatorium when federal ATF officers arrive with a warrant during a dangerous exercise. What she believed to be so isn’t, and the blurry line between art and reality leaves her reeling.

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The Purgatorium Box Set:
Books 1-3 of The Purgatorium Series

After her sister’s death, a teen is sent to an island where an experimental psychologist uses extraordinary means to help teens overcome suicide. They come to the island wanting to die, and they leave fighting to live. Daphne wonders if her parents have sent her there to help her or to punish her.


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