Here are some teasers to get you pumped up about The Gatekeeper’s Saga!

Poor Pegasus!

Pegasus meme revised

Hermes gets a little vacation!

Hermes Meme with text revised


I don’t like stories that portray Hades as a bad guy. He may be harsh, strict, and frightening at times, but he is, above all things, just.

Face of handsome bearded confident young guy


In The Gatekeeper’s Saga, Therese is only fifteen years old when she first meets, Thanatos, the god of Death, and a son to Hades.

Therese Teaser


Thanatos has a fraternal twin brother, Hypnos, god of Sleep. Hypnos is his only friend before Thanatos meets Therese.

Thanatos Teaser


Thanatos is serious, loyal, and dependable, unlike his brother, Hip, who’s a bit of a playboy.

Hypnos Teaser


Until he meets this chick, who happens to be Therese’s best friend.

Jen's Teaser


Gatekeeper's Bride Teaser 3

Gatekeeper's Bride Teaser 4


Gatekeeper's Bride Teaser 6

Gatekeeper's Bride Teaser 7


Gatekeeper's Bride Teaser 5

Gatekeeper's Bride Teaser 2

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  1. Is there a Seventh book in the works for The Gatekeeper Saga? I am in love with this series, I anticipate every new one coming out and cannot put it down once I start reading!

  2. Yay! Thank you! The Gatekeeper’s Bride (prequel) will release in April 2016, and the first Hermes and Hestia book is due to release in August 2016. Meanwhile, you might like to try the first book in my Vampires of Athens series (also based on Greek mythology). You can find a free copy here: http://www.evapohler.com/facebook.

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