Tarot Promises We’ll Get Out of the Rut

The Tarot Promises a New Beginning!

This week's tarot promises that new inspiration will spark our imagination and help us get out of the rut and reconnect with our primal selves! Read on to learn how.

First, take a look at the spread...

Artemis's presence indicates that we have become disconnected from nature and from our primal, natural selves. Many things can contribute to this, such as being bogged down in a daily routine, running on autopilot, too much stress, and forgetting to be mindful of the present. Sometimes ambition, greed, fear, or insecurity becomes the driving force behind behavior that is no longer mindful and connected to the earth and to our natural selves. As the goddess of the wild and the hunt, Artemis warns us to stop and smell the flowers and to unleash the natural beast in our hearts--the beast that wants to roll around in the mud and the grass, that wants to swim, run, leap, and fly. MAKE TIME to unleash your beast.

Cronus further emphasizes that disconnect with his focus on cycles--and how we get stuck in the same old cycle, like a hamster in a wheel. If you feel like you're spinning your wheels, it may be because you're afraid. Fear is the main reason why we become stuck. What aren't you letting go of? Or is there something ahead you're afraid to face? Ironically, we trap ourselves in these cycles because we fear something, but the cycle deadens us and is worse than anything else we may fear. Cronus urges us to break free by letting go of the old and embracing the new, no matter how scary. Open your arms to new possibilities, he says. Take a leap!

Only by taking that leap and embracing the new possibilities will we find Mnemosyne's promise of new inspiration. Symbols will come to life, sounds will open new doorways, and words will become keys to unlocking the joy of your life. By learning from the past and embracing the new possibilities of the future, you will open yourself up to ideas. You can make the ideas more accessible by spending time in nature, dancing, writing, drawing, or listening to music. Mnemosyne echoes Artemis with her call to nature and call of the wild. Listen to the whispers on the wind, for they are calling you beyond anything you've previously known.

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