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Hardcover, Oh My! The Gatekeeper’s Saga and The Vampires of Athens Series Are Now Available in Hardcover!

Hardcover! Oh, my!

Allelujah and praise the lord! Finally, a dream of mine has come true!

The Gatekeeper's Saga and The Vampires of Athens series are now available in hardcover at Barnes and Noble!

3d hardcover gatekeepers challenge3d hardcover gatekeepers sons

I'm not sure if your Barnes and Noble Store will ever carry them on their shelves, but you can ask them to order them for you to save in shipping, or you can order them online.

To find the links to order them yourself online, you can visit my books page here.

I hope you find them as beautiful as I do! These covers were designed by Benjaminoftomes at Crisp Quartz Design.

3d hardcover Vampires