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The Gatekeeper’s Saga combines clean but titillating romance with high adventure while introducing readers to the pantheon of ancient Greece. These aren’t demigods or modern reincarnations of the gods like we see in other works; the series depicts the deities as though they've existed from ancient to modern times. The first book introduces all twelve Olympians and many lesser gods. By the time students finish the series, they will be masters of Greek mythology. Try the first ebook for FREE!

For a FREE* author visit, scroll down to fill out the form and book your date. You will also find information on how to prepare for your author visit at the bottom of this page.

Below are materials and activities teachers and librarians of middle school and high school students may use and adapt as needed.

The first is a downloadable document outlining six weeks of activities related to Greek mythology and The Gatekeeper's Sons, culminating in a "Toga Party with the Author" either in person or by Skype.

Below that are nine Greek mythology bingo cards and sheets of forty-seven Greek mythology flashcards that can be printed out, cut, and used in the classroom or library. Although there are only nine different bingo cards, the students can either work in groups, or you can print out multiples and have more than one winner with each game.

If possible, use 11" by 8 1/2 " (letter) size paper or card stock to print out the flashcards and bingo boards. You can laminate them if you use regular paper.

Here's a short tutorial on how to download, print, and play your FREE game.

If you're a librarian or teacher of junior or high school in the San Antonio/Austin area, you can sign up for a FREE author visit with a minumum order of fifty books (see sample order form below for details).

Just fill out the contact form below with your date preferences. Please book at least two months in advance.

Please feel free to explore the rest of this website, where you can find an interactive map of the Underworld, a Greek names pronunciation guide, quizzes, Greek Mythology Jeopardy, FAQ, and more.

Six week unit

BIngo Card 1

Bingo Card 2

Bingo Card 3

Bingo Card 4

Bingo Card 5

Bingo Card 6

Bingo Card 7

Bingo Card 8

Bingo Card 9

Bingo Flashcards 1-4

Bingo Flashcards 5-8

Bingo Flashcards 9-12

Bingo Flashcards 13-16

Bingo Flashcards 17-20

Bingo Flashcards 21-24

Bingo Flashcards 25-28

Bingo Flashcards 29-32

Bingo Flashcards 33-36

Bingo Flashcards 37-40

Bingo Flashcards 41-44

Bingo Flashcards 45-47

Bingo Flashcards Backs

Here's important information on how to prepare for an author visit:

How to Prepare for an Author Visit

Additionally, here is a sample order form teachers may distribute to students six weeks before the visit, to be collected four weeks before the visit:

Book Order Form for Classroom Visits

*Author visits are FREE with a miminum order of fifty books (each book is $10); otherwise, the author visit fee in the San Antonio/Austin area is $500, with a discount of $10 per each book order.

For visits outside of the San Antonio/Austin area, please email Eva at eva@evapohler.com.

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