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Six Steps to Self-Publishing Success

There are a lot of great courses out there that help authors, but many of them are very expensive. I wanted to create an affordable online video course that covered everything I've learned as an indie author in a way that was accessible to authors just getting started in their careers.

By "just getting started," I'm not referring to the number of titles published. I'm really talking about building a platform and visibility. I'm talking about selling lots of books.

To be successful at selling books, authors must know how to market their brand. That's what this online video course is about. And I provide links to other resources that can help authors get ahead.

If you'd like to learn more about this online video course, click here.

My best advice for writers just starting out is to read as many books on craft as you can. My favorite resources for writers include John Gardner's The Art of Fiction, Browne and King's Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, and Donald Maass's The Breakout Novelist.

I also suggest that you read as many books in your genre as possible and learn from the bestsellers already out there.

I think the biggest mistake new writers make is stopping after the first book. Most people write three or four before they create a good one that is ready for the reading public. Also, once you do publish a book--whether you find an agent or go indie--write the second immediately. I didn't see  a surge in sales until my third book was released.

I recommend that you search for an agent while you're editing your first publishable story. You can find information about agents here.

While you are waiting to hear back from agents, you should begin the process of educating yourself about the publishing industry, especially the choices you have to go traditional, indie, or hybrid. You can find lots of free resources on the internet.



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