Six Steps to Self-Publishing Success

6 Video Modules that will teach you how to advance your career as a self-published author.

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What You Can Expect

1. Learn about website tools, branding, content, organization, and usability that will drive more traffic to your site.

2. Discover the best email frequency, content, incentives, and list-building techniques to grow a strong platform.

3. Understand format requirements regarding covers, content, and layout for digital and print editions.

4. Explore the best ways to connect with other authors, reviewers, and readers.

5. Consider the pros and cons of pricing with the loss leader, series, box sets, pre-orders, and releases.

6. Learn to leverage free and paid advertising, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Amazon, Bookbub, and other sites to increase your visibility.

What Customers Are Saying

Robert C. DemingAuthor of The Enchanted Rock Series
Robert wrote great books but couldn't get them in front of readers . . .

“When Eva explains how to, it comes from her personal experience, not from a textbook or a class. Pay close attention; she has done this herself. Her success isn't just because she writes good stories; rather, it's because she knows how to get her books in front of people.”

Rose GarciaAuthor of the Final Life Trilogy
Rose regularly attended events but wasn't getting the right bang for her buck . . .

"Eva has invested a great deal of time in learning what does and doesn't work, and she comes up with creative marketing ideas of her own. I'm grateful to have had access to that brain of hers."

Miriam MingerAuthor of The O'Byrne Brides Series                       
As a multi-published author, Miriam was looking for tips to take her promotion strategy to the next level...

“Eva Pohler knows her stuff when it comes to promoting books. As a multi-published author, I learned so much from her and look forward to more tips from her in the future!"

Misty ProvencherAuthor of The Dimension Thieves Series 
Misty found other video courses overwhelming and was looking for someone to simplify it all . . .

“Eva has a way of explaining things that makes it all crystal clear. She's an impeccable researcher and a marketing sleuth. I never stop learning from her.”

About the Instructor

Eva Pohler is a bestselling author of over twenty titles in young adult and mystery/suspense. After earning her Ph.D. in English and teaching at a university for over twenty years, she retired to write full time. Her love for teaching and information-sharing led her to create an inexpensive course for fellow authors.

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