Receive Weekly Texts from the Gods



Selene Flashcard front and back

Minotaur FlashcardGaia flashcard front and backSome of you may be familiar with the readings I do at events. I use a deck of cards based on the gods, goddesses, Heracles Flashcardheroes, and mythological beings of Greek mythology.

The idea is that the universe could use these cards to send us messages.

I do it for fun, because, as you know, I’m obsessed with Greek mythology.

But since so many people love the messages these cards provide–both those that uplift and those that warn–I’ve decided to create a “Weekly Text from the Gods.” Each Monday, I’ll ask the universe if it has a special message for us for that week. Then I’ll draw a card and text the message out to whoever wishes to receive them.

I’ll give you this week’s message as an example of what you can expect in each text:

Athena warns you to put your feelings aside and study your current situation. Stop engaging in drama and find clarity through meditation, relaxation, or writing.

Unfortunately, only U.S. residents can receive these texts, but you can also follow me on twitter at @EvaPohler where I use #GreekGodsSpeak every Monday around 10:00 a.m. and receive the texts that way.

If you’re a U.S. resident and would like to receive these texts, along with occasional news about my upcoming releases, giveaways, and sales, fill out the box on my website to your right———————————————–>>>

You can also join by texting “Greekgods” to 313131.

This is going to be fun! I hope you’ll join us!