Get Out of Your Rut, Warns This Week’s Tarot

Get Out of Your Rut!

"Get out of your rut," is the message from this week's tarot. Take a look at the spread:

Over the past few weeks, the cards have been pointing us toward change, encouraging us to let go of something from the past that may be holding us back. The cards have reminded us to take risks, ride the waves, and embrace change.

This week's spread continues that sentiment, but with a caveat: Be careful of returning to the same old cycles that have held you back in the past.

To get out of your rut, this is what the cards recommend:

Poseidon's presence reaffirms the message we've seen all month that change is coming, if it's not already here. The ground is dropping out from under us, and we will either drown or ride the wave to new land--it's our choice. If we choose to ride the wave, however terrifying that may be--and allow the change to take us to new land, we will go through a rites of passage of sorts.

This is what Persephone is here to tell us: the rites of passage will lead us into a new chapter of our lives. It will require us to face some hard truths and come out on the other side "awakened"--less innocent but empowered. We'll need to let go of our illusions and embrace the hard truths if we're to move on.

But Cronus warns us that we can easily regress to our old ways, even though those ways will no longer serve our best interests. However much we wish to embrace change, we have to be fully committed to make it happen, or else we'll become like a hamster in a wheel, or a tire stuck in a rut, going nowhere. If you find yourself turning to old habits, or a toxic relationship that needs to stay in the past, or a way of thinking that only pulls you further down, then you, my friend, are in the rut and need to climb out!

I know that this spread is speaking directly to me. I was doing so well with my diet and exercise, but now that a deadline for my next novel is fast approaching, I have turned to carbs to ease my stress. I have fallen back into an old cycle of justification: I tell myself I will just eat these carbs until I finish this book, and then I will be good again.

The problem is that there will be another book, and another, and they will also have deadlines that will give me stress. I cannot keep turning to mac n cheese to get me through it. I need to LEAP from the hamster wheel and embrace the change that I have begun for myself.

I don't know about you, but I get strength from these readings. They remind me that I can control my own destiny, if I choose to. The cards don't reveal our fate; rather, they show us what we can choose for ourselves.

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