Sort, Sacrifice, and Liberate Yourself, Tarot Says

This week's reading calls us to sort, sacrifice, and free ourselves.

Sort, Sacrifice, Liberate

Take a look at the spread:

Although we have a difficult road ahead, the end result will be freedom if we heed the cards.

Psyche, who was put through a rigorous test by Aphrodite, urges us to put ourselves through a similarly rigorous sorting out process by clearing away our baggage and dealing with negative thoughts, bad patterns of behavior, and other problems that are holding us back and interfering with our relationships with others. Before we can be harmonious in our dealings with others, we must create harmony within ourselves. What's holding you back? Make efforts this week to sort out your problems and find inner peace.

Once you find that inner peace, you'll be ready for the necessary sacrifice. According to Prometheus, there will be some cause greater than yourself, something that will require you to give something up. It may even be painful (but probably not as painful as having your liver eaten out each day by Zeus's eagle). Keep in mind that the pain is only temporary. Don't compromise your beliefs or your integrity in order to bypass this sacrifice. Face it head on. The right path is often the more difficult road to travel, but the rewards are always greater in the end.

Once you make it out the other end, you will have earned an amazing freedom--the opportunity to finally let go of the stresses of the world and reconnect with yourself and the world in a new way. Pan predicts that you will have the ability to reconnect with nature in a way that fulfills you and brings you joy and passion. You'll rediscover your own nature, your sense of freedom, and your connection to life and to others.

Sounds a little scary, but the reward makes it less so. Let's face our demons together!


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