Harry Potter World Adventure

For spring break, my family and I went to Orlando, Florida for a Harry Potter World Adventure! And we weren't disappointed!

On our way, we stopped by the Kennedy Space Center. Here are my kids--Candace, Mason, and Travis--and niece, Mariah, having a little fun.

And the next morning, we went straight to Harry Potter World!

We started at Universal Studios. That's my hubbie on left and son, Travis, on right. I just missed getting the dragon's fire blast in the shot. See the dragon?

The books in Diagon Alley FLOAT! This is me, by the way.

When you enter Ollivanders, you see this broomstick magically dusting the ceiling!

And there are so MANY wands! It's incredible!

This photo is blurry, but this is my daughter and niece trying to pick out an interactive wand.

Here's a closeup of the wand they chose. It's made of ash, and seemed to "call" to us!

And this is my daughter, Candace, using the wand to make the spindle in a tailor shop in Hogsmeade magically move!

Here's a bigger look at Hogsmeade. The frozen butterbeer is DELICIOUS! And so is the potato and lentil soup. We all enjoyed the food--even my hubbie, who is very picky.

My very favorite part of Harry Potter World was Gringott's Bank. While you wait in line, you see all kinds of awesomeness.

Even my hubby, who wasn't excited about going to ANOTHER theme park, was smiling in Gringott's!

I can't believe I forgot to take photos on The Hogwarts Express. I guess I was too busy eavesdropping on Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and I was worried about the dementor that tried to suck out my soul!

My phone died by the time we got to the Journey through Hogwarts. It was a thrilling ride all through Hogwarts and the Quidditch ariel field. I felt like I was flying right behind Harry! It did make me a bit dizzy, though, and gave me a headache, which is why I preferred the Gringott's ride.

All, in all, it was an AMAZING adventure!

I'll soon post pics of my New Orleans Ghost and Vampire Tour, which was research for the next Mystery House book.

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