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Tuesday Tarot Promises Better Relationships

Relationships Improve, Today's Tarot Says

This week's tarot has a lot to say about our relationships! Let's take a look at the spread:

The overall message is that although life may seem to take you off course in all kinds of unexpected directions, hold on and enjoy the ride, because the journey itself will enrich your relationships. Once you begin to accept the life you're living, instead of always imagining the life you wish you could have, your relationships will vastly improve, and you will come to feel peace and freedom like never before.

Odysseus, who fought for ten years in the Trojan War only to spend another ten years trying to make his way back home (thanks to Poseidon's anger), reminds us that life is full of all kinds of surprises--many of which seem strange and frustrating. Odysseus reminds us that our life journey defines us and is more important to the person we are than the final destination. So be mindful of the present, and try not to get frustrated when life seems to go off course. Sometimes those side tangeants lead to more interesting places. Whatever happens, you can count on it to be one helluva ride!

Psyche is here to share your frustrations with relationships that might not be going the way you wish. In order to experience true love, every relationship must go through a sorting out process involving several phases. Don't allow frustrations to cause you to give up too easily. Look what Psyche went through, and it paid off big time! Relationships are hard work, and they put us through tests like nothing else in this world. We have to have a good handle on our own emotions and psychological baggage before we can truly forge a healthy, lasting relationship. If you've been on a merry-go-roundromantically, now is the time to invest more seriously in your relationships. You may need to communicate your needs more clearly, set helpful boundaries, let go of petty insecurities, and be happier with yourself. Once you get a handle on yourself and begin to accept the tests of your relationships as part of the strengthening process, the loves in your life will soar to greater heights.

Dionysus provides another method for connecting with yourself and with others. He recommends catharsis through art. Draw, paint, create music, write poetry, and/or dance in ways that stretch out of your comfort zone and liberate your senses. This is especially important if your life has become overwhelmed by a mundane existence. Do things out of the ordinary and shake up your world. Break free from social expectations or from the labels others in your life have assigned you. Shock them and yourself and treasure the moments. This will bring you closer to yourself and bring your relationships to incredible realms.

So be mindful and appreciative of your particular life journey--no matter how off-course it seems. Be willing to sort though your emotional baggage and the challenges of being in a relationship, so that you can experience true love. And push yourself to try new things and break free of whatever mold others seem to have cast for you. Life is good! Enjoy!