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Medusa and The Ellen Show

Something really bizarre happened at Texas Teen Book Festival in Austin on October 1st.

Medusa Banner

Those of you who have met me at events know that I have a banner behind me with the Medusa on it. You also know that I ask people who come by my table if they’d like to pick a Medusa card. I created a deck based on the gods, goddesses, heroes, and mythological creatures from Greek mythology to use for pseudo tarot readings just for fun.

So this police officer approached the table. Anytime a police officer struts straight up to to me, the first thing I wonder is what have I done wrong. But this officer looked straight up at my Medusa banner and then showed me his arm. Minotaur FlashcardBeneath his sleeve was a beautiful tattoo of the Medusa with his daughter’s face on it.

Well, as amazing as his tattoo was, that wasn’t the bizarre part. As I do with everyone, I asked Officer Sexton if he would like to pick a card–just for fun, because I don’t really believe in that kind of thing, I said, as I always do.

So I was holding about 70 cards in my hand, face down, and only one of them was the Medusa.

Guess which one he picked.

MedusaYep. He picked the Medusa.

Now, maybe I DO believe in that kind of thing.

One more thing before I let you go…


If you’re a fan of Ellen Degeneres, you might enjoy my impression of her in this video my son helped me make:

Have a great weekend!

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My UtopYA Con 2015 Recap

Three years ago, I attended UtopYA Con 2012, and shortly after, my life changed. I’d already published a few books, but it wasn’t until  I applied what I learned at UtopYA (now Utopia) that my sales took off. More importantly, I made new friends, and, this year, I got to see most of them again. I also got to make new ones.

This year, things started off with a bang for me when I walked into the hotel lobby dragging my heavy suitcases only to be greeted by fifty people in a very long line. This was actually a GREAT thing, because all the people standing in line were friends. This meant catch up time.

Utopya 2015 12I roomed with Alison Pensy and shared tables with Chris Cannon and Misty Provencher, and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

Our awesome speakers each brought something different to touch and inspire us toward greatness. Denise Grover Swank had me laughing and crying–sometimes at the same time–as she talked about insecurities and how all writers have them (even her!). Lauren Miller’s advice to embrace the detours and listen to the voices was a reminder to all of us that the journey can be as important as the destination. And Kim Holden told us how to make our mark on the universe in epic proportions.

I was also fortunate to be on the Expand Your Universe panel with Mindy Utopya 2015 6Ruiz, Rachel Harris, and Misty Provencher, where we had a blast talking about how boobs can help you make friends (right, Rachel Harris?). That’s kind of an inside joke, lol. Trust me. You want it to stay that way.

Utopya 2015 9And thank goodness for Susan Burdorf, Alison Pensy, and Kim Holden at the tax and money panel. I was just there to smile and give comfort to those like me who hate to think about accounting!

Utopya 2015 14I was pleased as punch for the opportunity to have lunch with my Utopya 2015 3fellow Texas Writers of Teen Fiction, Rose Garcia and Venessa Kimball, and about twelve other lovers of the young adult genre, including Shantella Huddleston-Benson. I was especially grateful to see my street team Divas, Lisa Graziano and Doris Orman.

Utopya 2015 11Thursday night I was kidnapped by the Indie-visible team for a business meeting and bonding over Cards Against Humanity. This was a special time hosted by Kristen Day, Christina Mercer, Chelsea Starling, Crystal Bryant, Victoria Faye, and Beth Isaacs, who were joined by Ashley Bodette, Ginny Gallagher, Delphina Miyars, and Maghee Cain.  I’m sure I will never ever forget this night, and I see a great future for Indie-visible and Literary Justice for All.

Utopya 2015 7Friday, I lured more attendees to my table with my Medusa cards and their ability to offer a message from the universe (just for fun). These cards weren’t meant to be taken seriously, but sometimes their message was amazingly spot on!

The big excitement Friday night was Cameo Renae’s premier of After Light. What an interesting and well-done film! I had chills and now can’t wait to read the book!

Friday night became even more spectacular when a whole bunch of fellow attendees–including B.L. Marsh, Allie Burton, Shawn McGuire, Brenda Hiatt, Alison Pensy, Casey Bond, and Sharon Rose Mayes– joined me on stage for cosplay karaoke, where we sang Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” Here’s a video. You can see the theme of female empowerment in our bouncy moves.

The night hit its peak of spectacularity when Victoria Faye surprised us all with a magical rendition of “Crazy” and then later played piano on demand in the lobby–most songs she’d never played before, but figured out on the spot. A group of rabid fans–me included–gathered around the piano to sing Disney princess songs and titles Utopya 2015 2from other musicals, each time more amazed by how easily Victoria captured the chords and melody on the piano. Then Jaci Chaney and I stayed up till 3 a.m. talking in the lobby!

By Saturday, I was feeling a little like a wet noodle. The signing went well, but I was too exhausted to make to to the awards and dance party. I wanted to show my support to those who won, but I could barely walk. The night ended up being a great one anyway, because I lounged around with fellow authors Brenda Hiatt, Allie Burton, and Alison Pensy and had a wonderful time sharing ideas and talking shop without having to put on a dress.Utopya 2015 1

Sunday morning I was blown away by next year’s theme. Way to go Janet and team! I just love it!

I had to rush away from the open mic keynote to gather my flock for the Parthenon tour. I so enjoyed seeing the majesty of this replica of the Parthenon Utopya 2015 Parthenon 2in Athens. The statue of Athena is amazing at over 41 feet tall. And the goddess Nike in her hand is 6 foot tall! And did you know that the Percy Jackson movie was filmed there?

I was even more excited about spending a bit of time with friends. I was joined by Jo Michaels and her niece Allie McMullen, Tia Bach and her daughter Jaqueline, Inger Iverson, Angelica Jackson, Eve Langelle, Heidi LaFavor Lea, Laura Howard, Sharon Rose Mayes and her sister, Carlyle Labuschagne and her mother Bridget, Kristen Billingsly, Chris Cannon, and Karen McCoy.

At my exhibitor’s table, I collected names for a drawing for the Athena Locket, and I now have a winner! (Drum roll please…)

Utopya 2015 10April Robbins! Congratulations! I will get this out to you this week. And thanks to all who came by my table and visited with me! I had so much fun meeting up with everyone!

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Have You Seen These Videos Yet?

How many of you are active in the Youtube community? Do you vlog?

I’m thinking about getting more involved.

I’ve already experimented with a few book trailers. I took each of them in a different direction, hoping to figure out what appeals most to viewers and readers.

With The Gatekeeper’s House Book Trailer, I bought a song from my niece’s band and created a kind of slow, emotional, romantic visual story. Although I like it, I worry it might be too long.

I tried something different with The Gatekeeper’s Secret Book TrailerI made it faster and more action-packed, without losing the romantic element.

By the time I created The Purgatorium Book Trailer, I became better at more economically telling a story with video. It really is an art that takes practice.

I wanted to do something completely different with Ancient Gods, Modern Times: The Gatekeeper’s Saga. You might recognize some of the same images from the other videos. I was trying to carry the brand of the Gatekeeper trailer videos to this vlogging/self-interview style. This is the kind of video I would like to continue to produce on my channel. I hope to focus each vlog around a particular myth or being from Greek mythology.

I’d love to hear any thoughts or advice you have to offer!


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The Gatekeeper’s Secret Book Trailer Party

I couldn’t wait a whole week to show you the book trailer for the fifth book in The Gatekeeper’s Saga, due out April first. So, I created a Facebook Event where you can view the trailer, like it on Youtube, and enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card. The contest began today and will end Sunday, March 2, at 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Click on the image below to enter the game:

book trailer header


If you’d like to view the trailer but don’t want to enter the contest, you can click on the image below:

therese bound


Let me know what you think of the trailer! And thanks for watching!

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Official Book Trailer

Have you seen the book trailer for The Gatekeeper’s House? I am so excited to show it to you. Special thanks to Dvonna and Jocelyn of the band Odd and Grey for creating the beautiful soundtrack,  “Tired Eyes,” for this video. They are extremely talented sixteen-year-old girls! And, of course. more thanks to Melinda VanLone for designing the beautiful covers for all four books.

Therese's Turned Up Face Photo

Let me know what you think!

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Two Minute Talk Show, Episode 2

These boys are hilarious! Click on the title, not on the pic.

Two Minute Talk Show


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Two Minute Talk Show

Today begins a new video series called, “Two-Minute Talk Show,” created by my kids and their friends. These videos, always two minutes or less, will be aired every Wednesday on My Book Page and Website for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the first. Click on the title, not the pic.

Two Minute Talk Show, Episode 1

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