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Changes to Text Subscription and #GreekGodsSpeak

As I prepare for the upcoming tax season and reflect over my business operation expenses, I see that my text subscription service has become cost prohibitive.

Don’t worry. I will still use the cards of the ancient oracle to provide you with weekly readings. However, instead of receiving them via text, you can find them on my Twitter and Instagram accounts @EvaPohler and by using the hashtag #GreekGodsSpeak.

You’re also invited to keep your text subscription with me, which I will now use once a month to alert you to sales and new releases.

I hope you and yours are having a holiday season filled with joy and peace.

Please follow me at and to continue to receive your weekly tarot readings.


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Twilight Saga, A Shade of Vampire, and The Vampires of Athens Giveaway!

This giveaway closes in eighteen hours. Click on the image to enter before it’s too late! Good luck!

Vampire Books Giveaway Image

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The Walking Dead Season Finale: There Be Spoilers Here

My Twitter feed is full of hate from fans of The Walking Dead over last night’s season finale. The complaint? A cliffhanger that leaves in question which of our beloved characters is beaten to death by Negan and his barbed-wire wrapped bat named Lucille.

Seriously? Cliffhangers have always been an important part of serial storytelling. Why should fans expect otherwise? Remember “Who shot J.R.?”  from the TV drama Dallas? It’s important for the show to leave the fans with something to talk about and to analyze as we wait six months for the new season.

And boy oh boy do we have stuff to talk about!

Here’s a video where I explain my theory, or you can keep reading below:

After careful analysis, I have concluded that the most likely answer to the question posed by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, “#WhoIsIt?”  is Aaron. Let me explain how I came up with this conclusion:

The first thing I did was map out the positions of all the characters in relation to Negan. From Negan’s left to right, they appear on their knees in this order: Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, and Eugene.

I tried to follow the “eenie, meenie, miny, mo” but found that Negan and the camera skipped around, making it impossible to use that as a guide.

So then I watched Negan’s body language. After he says, “You are it,” and stops before the victim, he says, “If anybody moans, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father.”

This leads me to believe that the victim cannot be either Carl or Rick, even though Negan adds, “and then we’ll get started,” because he immediately raises the bat and “gets started.”

Negan’s body language also reveals that Carl is to the right of the victim. When he says, “cut the boy’s other eye out,” Negan sways slightly to his right, as though indicating that Carl is on his right. This tells me that the victim cannot be Eugene, because Eugene is to Carl’s left.

Negan’s eye movements, as he’s talking, indicates that there are characters on both his left and right. If he were standing in front of Glenn, who is on his far left, Negan would not look further to his left. Since he does, this tells me that the victim cannot be Glenn.

When Negan lifts both arms up just before he brings Lucille down on his victim, there is a shadow of Carl’s hat across Negan’s upper body (another fan captured the image, and I went and rewatched and paused my TV to confirm it). The fan that originally tweeted the photo meant the victim must be Carl. I think the light is to Negan’s right. If you look at everyone’s shadows, they are all to Negan’s left.

So this shadow, along with Negan’s eye and body movements, leads me to believe that the victim must be Aaron.

We are set up with some red herrings to believe other characters will be sacrificed. First, Abraham, with his speech to Sasha about being ready to have a child, hints that he may be the one to be killed off. We’ve seen other characters who transform just in time to die (like Denise). Plus, Abraham rises to the occasion when Negan stands before him, suggesting that Abraham is prepared to die bravely.  Eugene is another. We even saw him basically saying goodbyes. I expected him to be sacrificed as he nobly drove off in the RV to distract the saviors so Maggie could be saved. Maggie is another. Negan threatens to put her out of her misery, leading us to believe that, since she’s too weak to work for him, he’d make an example out of her. And then there’s Glenn, who meets his end by Negan in the comics.

Despite all of these false leads, Aaron is the most likely character to meet his death by Negan, in my opinion. What do you think?

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In Defense of Therese in The Gatekeeper’s Saga

I’ve been fortunate that the majority of the readers of The Gatekeeper’s Sons have left positive reviews, and many of these readers have gone on to read the entire six-book saga, making it an Amazon bestseller multiple times. But occasionally I read reviews expressing a reader’s mixed feelings about the main character, Therese. In this post, I will briefly defend the choices I made in developing her character:

  1. Why is Therese only 15 years old in the first book? Isn’t that a bit young?

This question usually comes from adult readers–not teens. As a mother of teens, I’m confident that 15 is the right age for Therese. One of the pleasures of reading young adult fiction is capturing all the “firsts”: first kiss, first love, first heart break, first time away from home, etc. If a character is going to be an older teen in a contemporary story, there will need to be a major reason why she hasn’t experienced any of these things.

Having teens of my own, I know firsthand that fifteen is that age when a person’s actions and feelings oscillate between childlike and adult-like. That was the age I wanted, and I wrote Therese so that she still has little girl aspects while managing to make some pretty mature decisions.

I also wanted Therese to age and mature in the series. If I’d started her at seventeen, I would have had less time to play with.

Finally, I was writing for the younger end of the market–for thirteen and fourteen-year-old readers. It made sense to make Therese closer in age to the target audience.

2. The idea of a plain girl being desired by so many is unrealistic and overdone. Why do you write Therese this way?

Therese is not a plain girl. She is a pretty girl who thinks she’s plain. Some readers have been unable to distinguish between Therese’s false perception of herself (common among teens) and reality.

3. How can Therese be so perfect? Isn’t she too much of a Mary-Sue?

Therese is not perfect. On the heels of her parents’ murders, all she wants is to die. After she discovers who Than is, her first thought is to use him to get to the Underworld, so she can be with her parents. She lies to people in her life to hide what she’s up to. She uses a drug that gets her friend killed. But, yes, in spite of those mistakes, Therese is a very good person. She’s based on my daughter, who is also a very good person. Very good people do exist, and they have exciting and interesting stories, too. A character doesn’t have to be an emo, foul-mouthed brat to be interesting.

4. Why do you choose insta-love for your characters? Isn’t that unrealistic?

My characters do not experience insta-love. They experience insta-attraction. There’s a difference. In the second, they are drawn to each other, but it takes time for the love to catch up with the attraction.

5. Why does Therese want to get married so soon in the story? You have her irritated with Than one minute and wanting to marry him the next.

Therese wants to use Than to get to the Underworld, so she can be with her parents. She eventually falls in love with him, but her initial desire to marry him comes from her desperation to do whatever it takes to find her parents.

I realize that it’s impossible to please all readers, and that’s okay. Some people will love Therese, and some won’t. But I hope readers will understand that we can’t create the same kind of character in every story we write. In my opinion, Therese is the perfect character for this particular story.


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Who Is Zoom? My Favorite Theories about The Flash


My favorite show on television right now is The Flash. Apart from the amazing writing and acting, the mysteries surrounding the identities of key characters have provided me with hours of entertainment. Last season, I obsessed over the identity of the Reverse Flash, and this season, I’ve been trying to figure out the identity of Zoom, of the prisoner in the iron mask, and of the man who claims to be Jay Garrick.

Initially, I thought Zoom might be the E-2 Wally West given the E-1 Wally’s obsession with speed and the jealousy developing between him and E-1 Barry, but the latest episode showed Zoom’s face to be one we associate with Jay Garrick.

So then I thought maybe each earth has a set of twins separated at birth–Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon. But neither Barry nor Caitlyn could find evidence on E-1 that a Jay Garrick ever existed. It’s possible that the E-1 Jay Garrick died in childbirth.  So maybe E-2 Hunter Zolomon is Zoom, and he coerced E-2 Harrison Wells to steal his E-2 twin’s speed force (if Zoom could steal it on his own, why does he need Wells to help him steal Barry’s?).  Wells may have secretly tried to restore the speed force to E-2 Jay Garrick with his Velocity formulas, which had the unforeseen consequences of destroying Jay Garrick’s cells. Jay Garrick then may have gone to E-1 hoping to find a way to restore his speed and defeat Zoom. The man in the iron mask could then be either the E-1 Hunter Solomon or the E-1 Jay Garrick (if that twin didn’t die in childbirth). However, this doesn’t provide me with a satisfying explanation for the reaction the prisoner has when E-1 Barry says that Jay Garrick from E-2 is alive on E-1.

The most satisfying explanation for the prisoner’s reaction is that he is, indeed, the E-2 Jay Garrick. It seems reasonable that the first thing a prisoner would try to spell out is his own name.

However, the tension between Wells and the man who calls himself Jay Garrick is so real and intense. I think Wells is too smart to have been fooled by an impostor of Jay. And even when the two characters are alone after “Jay” saves Wells’s life, Wells calls him Jay. If he knew he wasn’t Jay, he’d call him by his real name–unless he was E-1 Jay (but if that were the case, Caitlyn and Barry should have discovered some evidence of his existence).

Other people have suggested that Zoom, his prisoner, and the Jay that works with Team Flash are future, past, and present Jay. Future Jay travels back to the past and makes a prisoner of his past self as life insurance as he attempts to take speed force and healthy cells from his present self. The present Jay works with Team Flash to overcome the side effects caused to him by his future self (when he tells Caitlyn that he’s done some bad things, he may be referring to his future self). But he can’t give his own future self away for fear of bringing harm to his present self. This sounds like  a great theory to me, and if it’s true, I think Wells would be aware of it all, and this would further explain the strange tension between Wells and Jay.

Others have also put forth a clone theory—that the three Jay Garricks are clones, possibly created by experimentation done by Harrison Wells. However, clones usually aren’t made as fully grown adults. Genetic material is cloned and fertilized in vitro. I don’t see how all three clones could be relatively the same age, but I suppose some strange new science could have caused it.

One other possibility I’ve thought of is that an E-2 Eobard Thawne came back in time to destroy the E-2 Flash (Jay Garrick) and failed and got stuck (like our E-1 Eobard) and then, instead of taking over Wells’s identity, he takes over the identity of  either Jay Garrick or E-2 Hunter Zolomon. The prisoner could either be Jay Garrick, E-2 Hunter Zolomon, or E-2 Eddie Thawne (as E-2 Eobard’s life insurance). But I’ve had less faith in this theory lately, because I can’t shake the feeling that the Jay that works with Team Flash is the real Jay, in spite of the prisoner’s reaction to E-1 Barry’s statement that Jay Garrick is alive on E-1.

Other people have said that maybe Henry Allen is either Zoom or the prisoner behind the mask, but the E-1 Barry Allen discovers that his E-2 mom and dad are alive and well during his visit to E-2.

So, for now, I think I’m going with the Jay Garrick time-travel theory–which was not my own. It explains why Zoom looks like Jay, why the first thing the prisoner spells is the name Jay, and why Harrison Wells seems to believe that the guy helping Team Flash is Jay.

What are your theories? I’d love to hear them!

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Tick Tock Cover Reveal

Tick Tock Cover Reveal

Hi everyone! You’re just in time for the cover reveal of Tick Tock: Seven Tales of Time by the Authors of Wicked Ink Books. Tick Tock features stories by fantasy and science fiction authors Shawn McGuire, A.G. Henley, Corinne O’Flynn, Sue Duff, Wendy Terrien, Rebecca Taylor, and Kristi Helvig. All of these stories feature some element of time in them and promise to be great reading! It will be released on March 28, 2016. In the meantime, I am happy to bring you the cover of Tick Tock: Seven Tales of Time as well as a teaser or two from the different stories. There’s also a giveaway running from now until it’s released, so be sure to enter that too! Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a great day!







Before I show you the cover, how about the blurb?


Seven Fantasy and Science Fiction authors have twisted time into tales of adventure, mystery, horror, and romance.

A serial killer returns years later to finish what was started.

A coffee shop offers a respite for the cursed.

A hangover masks the horrors of the previous night.

A princess’s wedding gift comes with a price.

A locked apartment door hides a chilling secret.

A girl wakes up in an asylum and must survive, and escape.

A young woman must protect the past to thwart a thief from the future.

All it takes is a second . . . a minute . . . an hour . . . for everything to change.


Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Are you ready for the cover?







Okay, here it is!


Tick Tock cover

Cover by Steven Novak.
Pre-order Tick Tock: Seven Tales of Time at Amazon

About Wicked Ink Books

Wicked Ink Books was launched in 2015 with one goal: Join together a group of sci-fi and fantasy authors and build themed anthologies for our readers to enjoy.

Our first release, coming Spring 2016, features the works of authors Corinne O’Flynn, Kristi Helvig, Rebecca Taylor, Sue Duff, Shawn McGuire, Wendy Terrien, and A.G. Henley.



To contact any of the individual authors or learn more about their work, please go to the Wicked Ink Books website.


Website –

Email –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Newsletter Signup –



Enter the giveaway hosted by Rewards Fuel. Good luck!


Organized by the Paisley Reader and Editor

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The Gatekeeper’s Bride Is Available for Pre-Order!

The Gatekeeper’s Bride is now available for $3.99 at most vendors for pre-order! It releases April 11th.

Unrest brews among gods and mortals alike when Hades makes a deal with the Fates to end his loneliness in the Underworld. But when Persephone proposes to conspire with him in a plot against Demeter, things get out of hand. Soon, the war among the gods is as critical as the one playing out among the Achaeans and Trojans on Earth.

Find out the truth of how Hades and Persephone met and fell in love and the impact it had on the rest of the pantheon during these tumultuous times. Learn how their children–Hypnos, Thanatos, Megaera, Tisiphone, Alecto, and Melinoe–came into being. Discover why they were assigned their respective duties as Sleep, Death, the Furies, and the goddess of ghosts. Find out the real reason why the Olympians possessed such profound disdain for these Underworld gods.

This prequel to The Gatekeeper’s Saga is more than a retelling of the Persephone myth. Many more of the ancient myths are woven together to reveal the conflict, tension, and relationships among the gods in one of the most beloved pantheons in human history. The Gatekeeper’s Bride can be read before or after The Gatekeeper’s Saga, but readers might find more enjoyment from it after having met the characters by reading the saga first.


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The Purgatorium Box Set 99-Cent Spooktacular!

If you’re looking for a spine-tingling read for the Halloween season, you might want to take advantage of this 99-cent box set special. From now through November 1st, you can buy all three books in Amazon bestselling author Eva Pohler’s The Purgatorium Series for 99 cents.

PurgatoriumBoxSet (267x400)


After her sister’s death, seventeen-year-old Daphne is sent to an island where an experimental psychologist uses extraordinary “suicide therapy.” Her patients come to the island wanting to die; they leave fighting to live.

Dr. Gray believes that the instinct to survive overcomes the death wish when her patients are placed in situations of terror. She also believes in the cathartic power of living art, but you’ll have to read the series to see what that means.

The doctor’s methods cross a lot of ethical lines, and readers are left with this question: Do the ends justify the means?

Watch the trailer here!

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“This book definitely deserves 5 stars. It now is my top favorite horror/mystery book ever” Taffy D. Singletary (Amazon reviewer)

“This book blindsided me. When I first started reading it, my initial reaction was that it wasn’t my cup of tea. After I got past the first couple of chapters though, I was hooked. It’s one of those books that lulls you into a false sense of predicting the outcome, and then, WHAM, it completely changes course and leaves you reeling. It’s very well-written and every character makes you feel their pain and their emotions. I absolutely loved this book. Do I recommend? YES!!” Michelle Westmorland (Amazon reviewer)

“Interesting, and edge of seat book.” Martha Cruz (Amazon reviewer)

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Full Circle Series Blog Tour



One bottle of Jack and the words “I’m sorry” are all it takes for Charley’s world to turn upside down… again. Charley has a decision to make. Does she sink or swim? 
After Dylan reminds Charley that he always has the upper hand, she decides it’s time break free. But how? She uses her past, present, and what she hopes to be her future to find her freedom. 
With the help of Cash and the Kluft Girls, she devises a plan to take down Dylan. Will she succeed, or will she find that she will never escape his hold? Once this plan is put in place, who will be by her side when it comes to an end? And will this plan include Joe?


After a horrific breakup with Dylan Sloan, the bad boy of the Dixon High Swim team, Charley Rice loses the confident swimmer she once was. Her best friend, Cash Montgomery is the only one who truly knows what happened that night and is a constant source of strength. After a summer of questioning who she wants to be, Charley decides to put the past behind and leave the small town of Grassy Pond to stand on her own two feet again.

While Charley is living her life to the fullest at college she meets Joe Olsen and falls head over heels. But one letter is about to change everything and this time Cash isn’t there to help her.  Will she be able to escape her past and on her own? Will she run home to Cash? Or will she find comfort in the arms of Joe? 


LOVING CHARLEY    When Charley decides to make Dylan famous, she never thought about the repercussions that might occur, and how it would affect everyone around her. 
Now that she has followed through with the plan, she is unsure of what the future holds. She has to decide what is more important in life: living her dream, speaking the truth, or keeping quiet. 
Charley’s life comes full circle when her freshman year comes to an end. Will Dylan be in her past and Cash in her future? Or will Dylan continue to be an eerie constant in her life?

Want to read them all together?  Pre-Order the Box Set!
After a horrific breakup with Dylan Sloan, the bad boy of the Dixon High Swim team, Charley Rice loses the confident swimmer she once was. Her best friend, Cash Montgomery is the only one who truly knows what happened that night and is a constant source of strength. After a summer of questioning who she wants to be, Charley decides to put the past behind and leave the small town of Grassy Pond to stand on her own two feet again.
Charley’s life comes full circle when her freshman year comes to an end. Will Dylan be in her past and Cash in her future? Or will Dylan continue to be an eerie constant in her life?
Casey Peeler grew up and still lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter. Her first passion is teaching students with special needs. Over the years, she found her way to relax was in a good book.
After reading Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston her senior year of high school and multiple Nicholas Sparks’ novels, she found a hidden love and appreciation for reading.
Her perfect day consists of water, sand between her toes, a cold beverage, and a great book!
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Congratulations Giveaway Winner!

GatekeeperBoxCongratulations to the winner of the $40 gift card and paperback edition of The Gatekeeper’s Trilogy:

(drum roll please)

Simon Slavik of Slovakia! Please email me at to claim your prize.

And those who didn’t win shouldn’t feel too disheartened, because I’m running an even BIGGER giveaway that will kick off shortly after Independence Day. What am I giving away?


And if you’d like a free copy of Vampire Addiction: Vampires of Athens, Book One, just tell me where to send it here. I’ll also send you a reminder about next month’s BIG giveaway.

Thanks again for entering. I had a lot of fun with this and look forward to next month.

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