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My 2017 Comicpalooza Adventure

My Comicpalooza Highlights and Wrap-Up

My Comicpalooza weekend had a really sad beginning. I was driving in my car, which was stuffed to the gills with all my books, and wasn't yet half way to Houston when my mom called to tell me that my sweet, sweet Grandma had just passed away.

I had just gone to see her the day before to wish her a happy Mother's day, since I was going to be in Houston all weekend and wouldn't see her on Sunday. I had taken her roses and some homemade lasagna and had had a wonderful visit with her. She seemed her usual sweet and fun-loving self. A case worker from Hospice had come to talk with her, and Grandma had enjoyed bragging about me in her usual exaggerated way, telling the poor woman that people all over the world were scrambling to buy my books. I just rolled my eyes and kissed my grandma, as always.

"People aren't scrambling," I said, "But thank you."

"They are scrambling," she told the case worker.

The case worker was there from Hospice because my grandmother had just received a cancer diagnosis and was told she had less than six months. She was supposed to begin chemotherapy the following week.

She died of a heart attack the next day.

My grandfather is still alive and is heartbroken, but he did say that maybe this was better than her having to endure chemotherapy until her final days. The treatment would have been hard on her eighty-eight -year-old fragile body.

So for the rest of the drive to Houston, I cried and sang along to the songs my son, Travis, had written, produced, and recorded on a CD. I sang to his comforting voice for the next two hours.

Once I arrived in Houston, there was no more time to think about Grandma. I had to snag a parking place, haul my books, banner, table cloths, and display items into the convention center, get my badge, set up, and be show ready--all within thirty minutes. It was a whirlwind.

As soon as my good friend and fellow author, Rose Garcia, showed up, I felt much better. She's one of the nicest, loveliest people I know. We have great chemistry, and we both work hard to sell one another's books. It was comforting just to see her sweet face.

Here we are in front of our booth with Darth's saber reminding each other that we are warriors:

From day one, I was able to submerse myself into the fantasy worlds of my favorite fandoms and forget reality for a while. This is why we need art, stories, movies, and games. Sometimes we need the distractions from our everyday woes.

Here are some of the characters from my favorite fandoms that walked by our booth:

I dressed as Medusa for a couple of days, so that's me above with Woody. Of all my kids' toys, the only ones I didn't give to charity are the Toy Story toys! I can't bear to part with them--and of, course, I have my own Star Wars and Harry Potter toys.

This guy looks exactly like Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch from Daredevil, and Charlie Cox WAS a celebrity in attendance. Do you think it's possible he went in disguise as his own character and walked around the con?

My VERY FAVORITE show is The Flash!

Kid Flash!

The Reverse Flash!

A major highlight for me was the chance to finally meet Debra, who's one of my biggest fans.

Sophia and a few others came to see me, but I forgot to ask for photos with them!

One of the best highlights was when Lawrence Gilliard, AKA Bob from The Walking Dead, stopped by our booth and agreed to let us take a photo in exchange for copies of our books. Rose and I considered that a win-win! I signed the book to his daughter and am hoping she enjoys it!

Another highlight was taking a photo op with Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker, AKA Iris West and Caitlin Snow from The Flash! It was so surreal! I started crying and could barely pose for the photo.

I also thoroughly enjoyed talking to Finn Jones (The Iron Fist) (he gave me an iron fist bump!), Jessica Fenwick (Colleen Wing in Iron Fist), Michael Colter (Luke Cage), and Scott Wilson (Hershel from The Walking Dead). Scott Wilson even hugged me! I missed seeing the cast of Daredevil. Every time I looked for them, they weren't at their tables. But I truly believe that was Charlie Cox dressed as Matt Murdoch, so I'm gonna go with that!

To top off the weekend, I sold tons of books. Thanks to all who came out to see and support me! I truly felt like my grandma was there, too, cheering me on, like she's always done.

I plan to go to Comicpalooza in Houston again next year. Will I see you there?