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French Quarter Clues: The Mystery House, Book Three Is Available for Preorder

French Quarter Clues Is Available for Preorder in Digital and Releases October 15th

I'm excited to show you the cover for the third book in The Mystery House Series, French Quarter Clues. But first, let me show you the new covers for books one and two, because the entire series is getting a facelift!

Formery called The Mystery House San AntonioSecrets of the Greek Revival is FREE until the end of July. Click on the image above to find links to all vendors, including international.

The Case of the Abandoned Warehouse, what was once called The Mystery House 2 Tulsa, is available for $3.99 (US price) at all vendors. Click on the image above to find all links, including international ones.

And now for my favorite cover in the group...

When Ellen and Sue discover that a demon is attached to Tanya, the three friends fly to New Orleans to enlist the help of a Voodoo high priestess. Soon they learn that Tanya's life depends on them finding and consecrating the remains of a "Devil Child," cared for by Delphine LaLaurie and Marie Laveau. The key to finding the remains is hidden in a secret diary buried somewhere in a vacant Creole mansion in the French Quarter. It's time for the three friends to renovate and solve another mystery and hopefully live to tell the tale.


RELEASES October 15th

Click on the image above to preorder your copy today!